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Don't waste another day...

  • Stuck at your current professional level with no prospects for growth
  • Passed over for promotions, projects, and sales opportunities
  • Desperate for the time, focus, and accountability to get to the next level

Libby's "Career Success Foundation" course can help you:

  • Create a crystal-clear vision of success and an outcome-based action plan 
  • Discover exactly how to define, describe, and demonstrate your value to wow your customers and clients
  • Earn more money doing purpose-driven work that you find professionally and personally meaningful

The Career Success Foundation course is designed for elite performers who are ready to play a bigger game in work and life. Libby is committed to helping you determine exactly where you want to go in your career and then providing precisely the right strategies and support to get you there.

The content is offered in a unique "check the box" format that encourages progress and accountability. Best of all, there are three different ways you can experience this course, so one will be right for your objectives, timeframe and budget.  

“Libby did an amazing job structuring the course materials, incorporating accountability, and providing insights and encouragement along the way. She kept me engaged even when I felt stuck.  I’m so glad I chose to do this program!”
- April Turch, Wolf Group Capital Advisors


DIY Self-Directed Online Course

If you're ready to go it on your own, take the digital course and master the same strategies, tips and tools that Libby uses in her one-on-one coaching programs with Fortune 500 executives ranging from $15,000 - $25,000. You'll have access to all the videos, audios, and downloadable tools for six months. This do-it-yourself version is a steal at only $297.

You'll start the self-directed course with an Orientation that explains all the benefits you'll receive as well as how to use the platform with ease. In the six modules, outlined below, you'll  receive guidance, support, and strategies that can help you see career results that may have escaped you for years. 


"Libby's course is simple, straightforward, and engaging. Since working with Libby, I’ve defined my professional trajectory, closed significant deals in my consulting practice, and I'm making my career goals come to life far more quickly than I would have dreamed. Libby has been the single most important force in my professional development. She is a one-in-a-million coach!"  - Jared Lafitte, Lafitte Coaching

DIY Self-Directed Online Course + Private Coaching

If you want a little more individual support, you can take the self-directed course and add a private hour-long coaching session with Libby. Or break it into two 30-minute sessions and get the support you need at the beginning and end of the course - or at any point during the six months that you'll have access to all the videos, audios, and downloadable tools. An amazing value at only $497, especially considering that one coaching call with Libby is a $500 value.



Customized Course for Private Groups

Libby can also customize the course content for specific groups like healthcare professionals, direct marketers, entrepreneurs, and women executives. With a minimum of ten participants, Libby will create a program designed  for you and your group that offers weekly webinars, private coaching calls plus all the regular course content.  


Each of the six modules can be deepened with a webinar-style live call led by Libby that is recorded so students may listen to the replay at their leisure. As part of this interactive cohort, participants will be able to ask questions and focus on their specific workplace needs and challenges. But because of the unique group structure, Libby is able to offer this course at  a fraction of what she charges companies like AMC Networks, Disney-ABC, GoDaddy, Sony, Viacom, Wells Fargo and more. Contact to discuss the  package, budget, and timeframe for your group.

Laser Coaching Session

Participants in any of Libby's online courses may book private phone or Skype coaching sessions with her. Although Libby's individual coaching rates start at $500/hour, participants in her courses receive a special discount of $97 per 45-minute session for one year after their enrollment date.

Why Libby?


Libby has a proven track record of corporate and entrepreneurial success, having started as an assistant in the competitive world of corporate entertainment and moved to VP in just 5 years. In mid-life, after nearly 20 years working in leadership roles at Sony, Universal and Turner Broadcasting, she went on to found Libby Gill & Company, a successful coaching and consulting firm dedicated to helping professionals create their ideal careers.

"Libby created a tailored, realistic and compassionate approach for coaching me to the next level. With Libby’s help, my confidence soared and I saw immediate results."

     - Barbara Tremblay, ConnexCoaching International


"I recommend Libby as an expert coach and mentor. As I was building my consulting business, Memory Care Support, Libby kept me focused and positive, assisting me as I refined my message and audience. I know that without Libby’s direction, it would have taken me much longer to achieve the same results."

     - Anne Ellett, Founder of Memory Care Support

Here's what you'll learn in this course:

Jumpstart Orientation

You'll discover how this learning experience, with its guided step-by-step approach, keeps you engaged and motivated unlike some you may have tried in the past. Both the VIP and Self-Directed courses begin with a live Jumpstart call led by Libby to get you off to a powerful start. Every lesson in the VIP course continues with a live group call with Libby, deepening the learning and allowing plenty of time for Q&A. 

  • Lesson #1: Your Work-Life Snapshot

This is a deep dive assessment into what's working and what's not in your personal and professional life. You'll rate your own success and satisfaction levels in ten key areas of work and life to see exactly where you stand now so you can create a realistic action plan for the future.

  • Lesson #2: Envisioning Your Ideal Future

Using guided imagery, you'll visualize your ideal future 10 years from now. You'll create a crystal clear picture of what your desired personal and professional life will look so we can reverse engineer backwards to reach it.

"That was the most thought provoking lesson yet. It's nice to dream but until you face what's holding you back, your dreams will never take flight. Libby, you nailed it!" - Patricia Ohrin, Chevron

  • Lesson #3: Internal Obstacles Holding You Back

You'll identify the specific internal roadblocks - including your own limiting assumptions, lack of confidence, negative self-talk, and fear-based thinking - then learn techniques to systemically eliminate them from your mindset.

  • Lesson #4: External Obstacles in the Workplace

You'll recognize external obstacles in your immediate environment, such as inability to properly articulate your value, avoidance of bold risk-taking, lack of support and sponsorship. Then Libby will provide strategies and solutions to minimize or overcome those obstacles so you can break through the barriers.

  • Lesson #5: The Clarify, Simplify, and Execute Model

With Libby's help, you'll create a customized results-focused action plan based on specific behavioral changes. Next, you'll add a realistic timeline that is simple, doable and measurable. The downloadable Action Guide will make this process so easy, you'll never set objectives any other way again.

  • Lesson #6: Staying on Track to Success

Finally, you'll master techniques to sustain the momentum so you can sweep past fears and insecurities - even when you're feeling tired, stressed, or overwhelmed. You'll discover methods of maximizing your mindset and external resources so you can fast track your path to success.

  • Graduation Wrap-Up

Congratulations! You'll celebrate your accomplishments and recap the process as you move forward with newfound ease and grace!

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