Collect Your Bonus


Thank you for participating in the Success Made Simple 2016 webinar. Below is the bonus I promised you for sticking with me!

I've attached two worksheets for you:

Worksheet #1 will give you an example of how to identify your professional and personal objectives for the year, then prioritize them in a sequence that makes sense for you. Feel free to use some of the objectives from this sample list or create your own list, using terms that resonate for you.

Worksheet #2 will give you a blank blueprint so you can set up your own Objectives and Actions for the year. If you can't think through the entire year, just write up the first quarter and trust that the rest will come.

** Bonus #2 - For those of you who completed the Career Success Assessment prior to the webinar and are ready to get started taking action now, I'll be offering you a brief strategy session to help you complete your worksheet and get your year started with a bang!