In just eight weeks working with Libby, you'll identify the action steps to reach the next level of career success.

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You'll discover how this learning experience, with its guided step-by-step approach, keeps you engaged and motivated unlike some you may have tried in the past.

Lesson #1: Your Work-Life Snapshot

This is a deep dive assessment into what's working and what's not in your personal and professional life. You'll rate your own success and satisfaction levels in ten key areas of work and life to see exactly where you stand now so you can create a realistic action plan for the future.

Lesson #2: Envisioning Your Ideal Future

Using guided imagery, you'll visualize your ideal future 10 years from now. You'll create a crystal clear picture of what your desired personal and professional life will look so we can reverse engineer backwards to reach it.

Lesson #3: Internal Obstacles Holding You Back

You'll identify the specific internal roadblocks - including your own limiting assumptions, lack of confidence, negative self-talk, and fear-based thinking - then learn techniques to systemically eliminate them from your inner mindset.

Lesson #4: External Obstacles in the Workplace  

You'll recognize external obstacles in your immediate environment, such as inability to properly articulate your value, avoidance of bold risk-taking, lack of support and sponsorship. Then Libby will provide strategies and solutions to minimize or overcome those obstacles so you can break through the barriers.

Lesson #5: The Clarify, Simplify, and Execute Model

With Libby's help, you'll create a customized results-focused action plan based on specific behavioral changes. Next, you'll add a realistic timeline that is simple, doable and measurable. The downloadable tool will make this process so easy, you'll never set objectives any other way again.

Lesson #6: Staying on Track to Success

Finally, you'll master techniques to sustain the momentum so you can sweep past fears and insecurities - even when you're feeling tired, stressed, or overwhelmed. You'll discover methods of maximizing your internal mindset and external resources so you can fast track your path to success.


You'll celebrate your accomplishments - and that of your teammates - as you move forward with newfound ease and grace!