NEW LIbby's Coaching Circle

 Are you stuck at your current professional level with no prospects for growth?

Do you get passed over for promotions, projects, and sales opportunities?

Do you need help finding the time, focus, and accountability to get to the next level?


If you're ready for a bold breakthrough in your career or company, join my Coaching Circle. You'll be part of an amazing community of people dedicated to taking their work and life to the next level of success!

I wish I could accommodate all the coaching requests I receive, but there just aren't enough hours in the day. So I created the Coaching Circle to help you accelerate your growth alongside a community of highly motivated and like-minded folks. It's much more fun to have company on the path to success.

It's easy to join and you have two different options so you can select the program that best suits your needs, timeframe, and budget. And you'll have plenty of access to me, as well as my proven coaching and leadership tools.

Here's your NO SWEAT/NO HASSLE GUARANTEE: If you join the Coaching Circle and decide that it's not for you, we will happily refund your payment. No muss, no fuss, no questions asked - except what can we do better!


Option 1 - Online Coaching Course

You'll receive six months access to Libby's proven program of audio, videos, and written action guides that you can access on any device.

·  Create a crystal-clear vision of success and an outcome-based action plan

·  Define, describe, and demonstrate your value to wow your customers and clients

·  Earn more money doing purpose-driven work that you find professionally and personally meaningful

Download Course Outline Here

Only $297!

Libby did an amazing job structuring the course materials, incorporating accountability, and providing insights and encouragement along the way. She kept me engaged even when I felt stuck. I’m so glad I chose to do this program
— April Turch, Wolf Group Capital Advisors

Option 2 - Coaching Circle Membership

Join our Coaching Circle Community and be part of Libby’s “action learning process” as you master new career acceleration and leadership skills with her mini-trainings and live coaching calls.

· Libby's monthly Coaching Circle web-conference, where you receive a success skill mini-training and open Q&A to answer your burning life and career questions

· Our invitation-only Facebook group where you'll join other motivated executives and entrepreneurs, receive curated success resources, and daily posts from Libby to keep you informed and inspired!


Only $97 per month. Or sign up for a year and save $167

It’s nice to dream but until you face what’s holding you back, your dreams will never take flight. Libby, you nailed it!
— Pat Ohrin, Chevron