Libby Gill helps organizations like ABC-Disney, PayPal, and Wells Fargo create cultures of bold leadership that consistently over-deliver on their brand promises. The former head of communications for Universal, Sony, and Turner Broadcasting, Libby now leads international executive coaching and consulting firm, Libby Gill & Company.  

Corporations like these hire Libby to keynote speak, coach and consult.

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Read the glowing advance praise from business and thought leaders including Stephen M. R. Covey, Martin Lindstrom, and Joe Callaway."

"A phenomenal roadmap."

"A must-read for professionals." 

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"Love the passion!  I could spend a whole week learning about Libby's message!" 
— Tiffany Reynolds, Marriott International

"I could listen to Libby for hours."
— Syreeta Thomas, AT&T

"My favorite presentation of the conference.” 
— Dmitry Gurevich, Navy Federal Credit Union

"Great ideas and approaches that make sense!" 
— Sue Volk, PayPal 



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A bit of awareness can stop you from settling for less than you deserve.

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Learning to "go with the flow," isn't just a New Age catch-phrase.

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Ever noticed how much easier it is to forgive someone else than to forgive yourself?  

Why Leaning ON Is As Important As Leaning In

I had the good fortune to present to two very dynamic groups of women leaders recently.  First, Medtronic's women in technical field sales who provide medical devices like pacemakers and diabetes supplies to hospitals around the world.