365 Days of Branding, by Branding Expert Libby Gill

Are you an executive or entrepreneur who’s tired of struggling with business, branding or just figuring out what’s next for you?  Then it’s time to get You Unstuck by helping you clarify your brand, your vision, simplify your path, and execute your plan with measurable milestones for success! I'll be doing a great series on getting Unstuck in January, and I invite all of you who are ready for a NEW New Year to pick up my book and get ready for a new life -- no kidding. Click here to get your copy and begin your journey -- and to be invited to my workshop on USING the tools and beginning 2011 by using You Unstuck to be ready to live vibrantly every single day.

I'm proud and grateful to share that "You Unstuck" is not only a best seller, it is the proud winner of an Independent Publishers Book Award for 2010.  Read on and find out why...

"Are you in a rut?  Is your gut reaction to change a negative response?  In YOU UNSTUCK, Libby Gill will help you understand the way you look at risk-taking so you can start moving past your fears and excuses toward success.  This book is a powerful tool if you know you need to change but don't know how.  Read YOU UNSTUCK and get your life on track."

- Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a  Higher Level