Bless Your Mess! By Libby Gill, Executive Coach and Bestselling Author

Yes, it's the new year.  In fact, officially, it's a new decade.  One thing that definitely heralds in, for most of us, is a whole lot of soul searching.  Even for those of us who successfully resist the peer pressure to create a list of resolutions, it's almost impossible to steer clear of deep reflection.  And truly, who would want to?  Looking at our lives through the hourglass of time, rather than the microscope of every day, is sometimes just broad enough to create a plan for real change. Real change is NOT the stuff of lame resolutions, but sometimes resolutions are the stuff of real change.  Why? Because it means we're ready for the NEW.  Before you move forward for the new, however, let's take a clear look at the old.

To begin with, looking at anything you'd like to change with contempt and hatred is sometimes a sure way to cripple yourself and continue the mistakes, addictions and self-destructive choices.  The stress of deciding that what you do is repulsive is not the fuel for change.

Coming to a place of such self-care and self-respect where you know that you deserve better health or a better life?  Now that's a formula that will work.  So why should any of us hate who we were -- or where we were -- or what we did before?  It got you to HERE.  To a fresh start.  And like I said yesterday, nothing beats a fresh start.  I've had a couple of do overs in my own life, and they are marvelous.

So just for today, take stock, regroup, get fueled up, and remember to bless your mess.  It is the path that creates your do over and fuels who and what you become next.

If you're really serious, register for my next class on the You Unstuck process at  Increase your chances for change by inviting a friend or accountability partner for only fifty bucks more! (Now that’s a gift worth unwrapping!) To the new you in 2011 and your amazing life, Libby Gill, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Executive Coach