Branding Blocks as Building Blocks – or Branding Blocks as ROADBLOCKS, by Branding Expert, Libby Gill


If not done right, it’s actually possible that your brand is working against you and driving business away. Yes, if you are failing to make an ongoing emotional connection with your customer, your brand may have lost you some valuable connections.

It’s so important to connect with your customers emotionally – whether that’s through humor, warmth, or even the way some companies do – through fear.  Apple is one of the great brand examples.  Look how well they’ve done personifying technology and creating an emotional connection to the techies and techie-wannabees of the world.  And if a hardware company can connect with their audience emotionally, believe me, you can too.

The first way to connect is through your content – and even more, with the context in which you frame it.  It’s not just one more blog, or one more article, you must have a point of view, a sense of humor, a contrarian nature – whatever is authentically you. Human beings are amazing, we can spot a phony a mile away.  How many times have you been sucked in by a sales page where you suspected it was a lot of hot air?  And guess what – after you got that product or attended that seminar, you discovered you were right.  Yes, you can still suck people in but it doesn’t last for the long haul.  So take the risk to be YOU, whatever that means, and to use your real voice to share what you know and what you offer.

The next way to connect emotionally with your audience is through the value you consistently bring others.  Personality, humor or scare tactics may suck someone in once or twice, but value is the only thing that keeps them coming back.  My rule is to always “Give what I can Value x 10” – in fact, I’m about to send out a newsletter on exactly that topic, so do sign up on my homepage

Give 10x the value people are paying you for. Give away free stuff, shower your clients with gifts, give more of your time, knowledge and heart than people are expecting. Make a genuine and consistent Emotional Connection, every single day, and your customer will be more than ‘sold’ – they’ll be a brand advocate!

Until next time!

Libby Gill Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Keynote Speaker

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