Branding – What Works and What Doesn’t


No matter what your brand is, in every case - with the brand messages that work and those that don’t – authenticity is a huge factor.  We believe that FedEx really will get our package there overnight. We BELIEVE that we (meaning men) should spend a pretty good chunk of change on diamond rings. We believe that Juan Valdez is hard-working and reliable, that he’s authentic. Conversely, when brands fall short or contradict themselves, consumers feel deceived – as in the case of “New Coke” and the Edsel.

Being authentic includes tons of integrity. The “green” message is a good one to consider, for instance.  Being able to “trust” a company because the brand serves a higher purpose, both for people and for the planet. In our globally warmed, universally cynical post-Enron era, we are sorely in need of more people and more companies who are genuinely, deeply invested in doing good. Incorporating THAT message into a brand is a no-brainer right now. But you can’t be a charlatan – underneath all of the marketing and branding, you’ve got to be the real deal.

Besides merely positioning you, your personal brand has other benefits.  By having a brand, that is, a message that captures your unique essence, you will be recognized and rewarded for your talent.  By being able to articulate who you are to yourself and others, you’ll get much greater focus on what you want in your career.  That will not only bring you higher compensation, even in tough economic times, but it will establish you as a leader in your industry. It all starts with the core of your unique essence.  Define THAT and build your brand from there.

Until next time,

Libby Gill Branding Expert, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker

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