Branding You: 5 Strategies for Creating a Powerful Personal Brand – A Live Event DVD


Does your brand cut through the clutter to consistently attract new customers?  Do you know the 5 strategies for creating a powerful personal brand? Do you know how to Expand Your Brand to KEEP growing inside your market share? I’ve seen many business owners grow frustrated as they’ve struggled to build their brands and businesses.  Many of them attribute their challenges to the economy, but if that were really the reason, why are so many other entrepreneurs flourishing despite the economy? If you are having a hard time establishing your expertise, selling your products or services or filling your events, it's your BRAND that needs help.

Having coached hundred of entrepreneurs, I know what works and I want to pass some of that information along to you – at an affordable price.

My BRANDING YOU DVD ( was taped in front of a live audience at Capital One headquarters in Richmond, VA. Use it to learn my 5 Strategies for Creating a Powerful Personal Brand in this high-power interactive presentation. You’ll also get to participate in my signature branding game, “Name That Brand,” as I challenge entrepreneurs and executives to try out this business and personal taglines with the group.

Learn my top 5 branding strategies, including:

Strategy #1: You Are the Brand Strategy #2: Stand Out from the Herd Strategy #3: Craft a “Sticky” Message Strategy #4: Broadcast Your Brand Strategy #5: Expand Your Brand

At only $49, this is one course you can’t afford to miss out on!

To your success!  Libby Gill, Branding Expert, Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach