Credibility Builder #1 – Your Professional Label - Positioning Yourself as THE go-to Authority in Your Field


This may seem incredibly obvious, at least when it comes to other people’s brands, but it’s a lot harder to spot when it comes to you.  But your professional labels, those job titles you give yourself can either add or detract from your credibility and your BRANDING effort. Let me give you an example… Back when I was in the entertainment business, I oversaw promotion on a ton of shows, everything from Law & Order to Married With Children, as well as many talk shows: Ricki, Sally, Maury, yes, even Jerry… Both of these professional labels would have been accurate professional descriptions:

She’s a talk show publicist.  Okay, nothing wrong with that, right?

Or, try this one… She’s the head of corporate PR and the Spokesperson for Universal’s Worldwide Television Group. Which one sounds more impressive, more credible?

Even if you have a specific designation, like a client of mine who is a clinical psychologist – we now describe him as a Positive Psychologist, Teen Expert and Bestselling Author.  Who do you think sounds more poised to position him as a speaker, media star and breakout success?  Not that there is anything wrong with seeing clients in the office all day – he’s just ready for a bigger platform where he can help more people.

Consider a client of mine who’s an executive recruiter.  In describing herself, she told me she did what everybody else did – arrrghh – I coached and repositioned her as Virginia’s #1 Executive Search Firm.

If you know that you are NOT branding yourself well enough – or defining your professional label effectively enough, you are welcome to register for my current Branding Course, and to learn how to dodge the mistakes and embrace the abundant opportunities to make your brand work for you!

Until next time, Libby Gill Branding Expert, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker

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