CREDIBILITY BUILDER #2 – YOUR BRAND STORY, by Branding Expert, Libby Gill

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What are telling others about your background?  I don’t care if this is in your elevator pitch, the top networking event of the year, or in your online bio, the story you tell about your background establishes your expertise. Here are some things it must include – you decide what the right credibility builders are for you: 1. Companies you’ve worked for and titles you’ve held. These can be in-house or as part of your client base. Notice that a few days ago I told you Universal, Sony, Turner Broadcasting. I also feature these on my website. Do I think you may have heard of those companies? You bet I do. Did I intentionally tell you I was the head of corporate communications and PR?  Yep.  My point?  This is NOT the place for humility.

2. Results you’ve achieved. I got Dr. Phil on the cover of Newsweek the week his show premiered. That’s about a quarter-million dollar piece of advertising, except you can’t buy it. It was a credibility builder for him at the time, and now I use it as shorthand as a credibility builder for me. If you’re a fitness trainer and you’ve got a 95% track record for keeping your clients at their target weight or BMI, that’s important. If you’re a sales person and you’ve increased sales numbers 46%, that’s credibility. Even if you think you don’t have anything dazzling to report, I guarantee you do. Sit with your history and really focus on this. It’s a HUGE selling point.

3. Testimonials. This is really important, go to my blog and you’ll see a piece about gathering testimonials. I just went through this exercise personally MANY times as I introduced new products and services to my brand.

4. Credibility-building content. Write and publish GREAT materials that truly feature your know-how and expertise. Get them out through your blog, syndicated articles, books, media appearances, etc., etc.

5. Finally, remember that your website can be a huge credibility builder or it can kill your credibility. I’m going to talk about that later this week, and I want to encourage ALL of you to take my one-day web makeover course to maximize this VITAL piece of your credibility and marketing – The course will be available in a downloadable form in just a week or so.

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Until next time, Libby Gill Branding Expert, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker