Get Visual-fied With These Awesome (and free!) Tools

Get Visual-fied With These Awesome (and free!) Tools

If you’re looking to spruce up your marketing materials, needing to give your brand a little visual boost or simply want to keep up with the “a picture is worth a thousand words” times, this post from Fast Company introduces 5 free tools for getting visual-fied.

Many Eyes: An info-infused data visualization tool from IBM. Upload your own data and the output is amazing graphic representations.

Google Public Data Explorer: Has the ability to process and make sense of massively-sized datasets so that you can give your output the visual edge. Great for beginners!

Hohli: The ideal Venn diagram creator. Other charts, too. Share them on social media sites when done!

Wordle: A word cloud generation “toy” (as the company refers to itself), this tool is a slight novelty (but does offer a unique way to spruce up your work and presentations). Dubbed “a great resource to create a compelling storytelling visualization.” And “create more robust infographics that are less scientific and more user-friendly.” Cool!

In addition to this great list, I’d like to add one of my own: 99Designs. My new logo came direct from 99Designs and cost just $250. I really loved seeing all the designs (about 50 of them) before picking the winner. Host your own design contest today!

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