Christmas, the Brand!

It's not easy this time of year to stay focused on the real message of the holidays -- family, friends, joy and hopefulness.  Why? Because as we are so aware, the "brand" of Christmas has sort of eaten up the meaning.  That's a story about branding gone amuck and what can happen if we're not careful to protect our own brand. Whose job is it to protect Christmas or Channukah or Kwanzaa or even New Year's ... Winter Solstice, whatever your pleasure...?  Well, it's easy to lay it on the many churches and faiths out there, and they are constantly reminding us to hold fast to the REAL meaning -- but in the end, it's us.  And it's not about how many gifts we do or don't buy, or how many decorations we do or do not hang... It's simply how much love and peace and hopefulness do we hold fast to, as the to do lists run in our head like a refrain.

For you who took the two minutes to read this, either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, here's your Risk Taker's Tool for the Holidays:  Stop the presses. Stop the list.  Stop the worrying about having or doing (or being) enough.  Just enjoy the process now and BE.  Enjoy those around you and love the moments. Look for the expressions and the warmth, not whose glass needs to be refilled or what plates need to be cleared.

Give yourself a holiday present and simply be in the present.

To all of you out there, from all of us here at Libby Gill & Co.,  Merry Christmas!