Language Is Loaded

As a former media executive, I’m always intrigued by which stories the news outlets pick up and how often the facts seem to be irrelevant.

Case in point…the infamous “Ground Zero Mosque.”  Never mind that the former Burlington Coat Factory will become an Islamic community center which will be open to the public and will house a basketball court, swimming pool and auditorium…along with a prayer mosque.  And that it’s two blocks north of Ground Zero.  The media doesn’t seem interested in making those distinctions.

However you feel about the “mosque” being built in the Lower Manhattan neighborhood (mind you, it’s a whole block further from Ground Zero than the New York Dolls Gentleman’s Club), you’ve gotta admit that the media has slanted the entire story with the misleading language they’ve chosen.  And once one outlet uses the loaded language, others follow suit.  Pretty soon, it’s a political, religious and moral topic of discussion rather than a completely legal real estate transaction.

My point?  Words matter, so choose them wisely.  As I tell my brand mentoring clients, it’s okay to go right up to the line when you’re describing your customer value, past accomplishments and current services– just don’t cross it.  Nothing kills trust and credibility faster than misleading your customers!

Until next time, Libby Gill Branding Expert, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker

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