Spotting (and Seizing) the Opportunities!

Risk taking... it is the leap of faith that comes with ANY life change.  It is what fuels the beginning of all relationships (even friendships) and all career moves.  And it is the inability to TAKE those risks that roadblocks us in life and leaves us STUCK.  And stuck is not fun. Personally, I have a tremendous passion around risk taking. I created a new class just to inspire healthy risk taking in your work, home, relationships, and life – whatever it is that you wish was amazing, better and new in you. Because charting a course for how to move forward and how to spot the opportunities in your life is the million-dollar quest. (You can register for at, and to create a more successful and fun atmosphere as you learn, you can invite a friend or accountability partner for only fifty bucks!)

This class will be taught personally by me and will take place on 3 consecutive Tuesdays at 5 pm PT, starting on February 16 (and it will be recorded just in case you can’t be there live.)

Here’s a brief outline of the course:

• Week #1: Clarify a bold vision for success in both of your personal and professional life. This is not the same old "goal-setting," but a powerful process of transformed guaranteed to create lasting change.  • Week #2: Simplify the most direct route to reach your vision by identifying and eliminating excuse-making, removing obstacles and building a team of "Liberators"  • Week #3: Execute your action plan against measurable milestones. No more thinking about taking action, now is the time to start doing it. Once you've mastered my "Escalating Risk Hierarchy" and learned the secret to combining risk-taking with relaxation, you'll be on your way.

Register at and create a fun atmosphere for change by inviting a friend or accountability partner for only fifty bucks! (Now that’s a gift worth unwrapping!) To the new you in 2011 and your amazing life, Libby Gill, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Executive Coach