Book Giveaway!

This weekend was chock full of keynote speeches on Branding - plus launching 2 new branded websites for a  client. (Yes, sometimes you SHOULD have more than one website – I have one for my speaking and one for the rest of my work, for instance). The “TGIF” book giveaway for last Friday are focused on women’s empowerment! Which seems to be a really hot topic lately.  All three were, of course, personal favorites of mine!  To enter, please register at the top of my Blog page.  I’ll take those sign ups and enter you in this week’s  drawing.  If you’re already a newsletter receiver, leave me a note on our group wall and I’ll enter you manually.

This week’s trio:

Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up their Lives – Dr. Laura Schlessinger

The Shadow King, The Invisible Force That Holds Women Back – Sidra Stone PhD

Dive Right In, The Sharks Won’t Bite – Jane Wesman

And this week’s signed-by-the-author BONUS is by ME!  It’s an autographed copy of my first published book, “Traveling Hopefully.”  It’s got many lessons learned from my own life and has always resonated with the women I coach and work with.

To your success! Branding Expert, Libby Gill