It's here! My TENTH anniversary in business. While I'm not all about me me me -- I do think it's SUPER important to celebrate those milestones of success when you have them. It's important personally, and it's important to YOUR BRAND! Your audience, users, colleagues and brand advocates (commonly called fans), want to celebrate with you, and believe me, they want to see those benchmarks of CREDIBILITY as you evolve your business and your brand.

For the next YEAR, I am going to launch a blog-a-day campaign that walks you through developing your own brand, one tip, one idea and / or one tool a day. For today, well, I'm busy out celebrating with my friends and my team, but I want to leave you with the KEY idea that you must embrace to be successful in your branding effort.

Branding is simply articulating your authentic value -- to your ideal customer -- and then delivering on that promise, consistently, over time.

Be sure to tune in every day to get every useful tool you can. I am committed to supporting you all and to sharing my expertise in valuable ways over the next year, so stand by and get ready! THAT is my own branded promise. Thanks for all your support over the last ten years everyone!

Until next time, Libby Gill Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Keynote Speaker

PS: If you’re in a hurry, and don’t have a year to digest and implement one tip at a time, definitely grab my 1-Day Web Makeover DVD series. You can find it at