Book Giveaway!

TGIF everyone! This week’s 3 books for my book giveaway are focused on personal triumph! All three were personal favorites of mine!  To enter, please go to the top of this page and sign up for my newsletter in the upper right hand corner.  I’ll take those sign ups and enter you in this week’s  drawing.  If you’re already a newsletter receiver, leave me a note on our group wall and I’ll enter you manually. This week’s trio:

Faith in the Valley – Iyanla VanzantLife Lessons – Elizabeth Kübler-Ross & David Kessler Sacred Journeys in a Modern World – Roger Housden

And this week’s BONUS is a wonderful treat!  It’s my 3 CD set of my Live Event presentation at Capital One.  Branding You: 5 Strategies for Creating a Powerful Personal Brand - Live Event Audio CD.  Sign up to win at and you can definitely buy your own copy (since there can only be one winner) at

To your success!  Branding Expert and Coach, Libby Gill

Faith in the Valley – Iyanla Vanzant - Popular speaker and "spiritual life counselor" Iyanla Vanzant presents inspiration and advice addressed primarily to African American women but of use to everyone. She emphasizes that we have within ourselves the resources to solve most of our problems. "We always get what we expect," she says, and adds, "It is the Father's pleasure to give you the kingdom - the issue is, are you willing to receive it?" In Faith in the Valley, she uses "valley" as a metaphor and cites ten kinds of valleys in which we can find ourselves: life, understanding, courage, knowledge, wisdom, o.p.p. (other's people's problems and perspectives), comeuppance, purpose and intent, nonresistance, and love.

Life Lessons – Elizabeth Kübler-Ross & David Kessler - After experiencing a paralyzing stroke in 1995 and facing her own mortality, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (author of the renowned On Death and Dying) realized she had some unfinished business to take care of. "I wanted to write one more book, not on death and dying, but on life and living," she explains. So she joined forces with coauthor David Kessler, a leader in the field of hospice care, and together they wrote about the lessons we can learn about living from those who are dying. As Kessler explains in his introduction, "The dying have always been teachers of great lessons, for it's when we are pushed to the edge of life that we see most clearly."

Sacred Journeys in a Modern World – Roger Housden - It has some fascinating insights as to how we treat each other on a daily basis, what we take for granted and what we expect of each other. Worth reading twice to be sure to gather all the information it offers. A must read for anyone looking for the "self" and thinking it's in far away places. It's only as far as your heart and mind, as far as you allow it to be.