From clients, friends and fans to Brand Evangelists! By Branding Expert, Libby Gill

What is your brand? Essentially, your brand is who you are and how you communicate that message in order to stand out from the herd. Once you’re ahead of the herd, and your people, clients and followers like your brand, the next step is turn them into brand evangelists who spread the word about your company and product. THAT is the lottery of branding. Take a few minutes today to stop and consider how you evaluate the success of your brand. If you’re in a corporation, you may get formal 360 degree evaluations, or maybe you get more informal feedback from colleagues. If you’re a business owner, you can do client satisfaction surveys. I know that as a speaker, I always solicit feedback simply because I want to make sure my message is relevant and compelling.

After a great keynote address, course or teleseminar, I always tell groups that if you think my message is relevant for a company or organization you’re associated with, please let them know about me. See how I convert them into brand evangelists?

THAT is what you need to be focusing on every single day. Because building brand evangelists can literally launch you and your business into a new dimension.

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Until next time, Libby Gill Branding Expert, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker