Happy Birthday to Me!

Today’s my birthday and I’m celebrating! In fact, I want to celebrate all the way to November 1, which is the tenth anniversary of starting my business. For the next two months, I’ll be making autographed copies of my book Traveling Hopefully: How to Lose Your Baggage and Jumpstart Your Life available to you on my website for only $10 for hardcover and $5 for trade paperback, plus $3.95 shipping & handling.  Just go to my website and you'll see the book on the top right side of the page!  http://www.LibbyGill.com/store

Not to brag (well, okay I’ll brag a little), it’s been endorsed by Dr. Phil (who also wrote the foreword), John Gray, David Bach, Dr. Susan Jeffers and more. Publishers Weekly said, “Traveling Hopefully is sometimes painful but inspiring, as Gill’s goal is to transform her readers from dreamers who are dissatisfied with life to doers who have renewed purpose and ambition.”

My birthday wish for you is that live your purpose and claim your dream!

Xo, Libby