TGIF Book Giveaway – From My Bookshelf to Yours!

Well, here it is again! TGIF. I hope you’re all going to get in some GREAT reading this week.  This week’s 3 books for my book giveaway are focused on female empowerment! (But don’t be dissuaded from entering if you’re a man – I’m sure you have some fantastic, empowered woman to share these with!  Or better yet, keep them for yourself – it never hurts to learn a few tricks from the other side.) To enter, please go to my Blog page at and sign up for my newsletter in the upper right hand side of the page.  I’ll take those sign ups and enter you all in the weekly drawing.

This week’s trio: The Art of Being a Woman – Véronique Vienne Embracing the Fire – Julia A. Boyd Hardball for Women – Pat Heim PhD

To your success!  Branding Expert and Coach, Libby Gill

PS: This week’s EXTRA special BONUS – originally signed book is from me! Whoever wins this week’s giveaway also gets a copy of “YOU UNSTUCK - Mastering the New Rules of Risk-Taking in Work and Life.” YOU UNSTUCK is designed to give you hope and tools, backed with science, to get you past your sticking points – professionally and personally. Hope because that’s the one thing you can’t afford to lose if you’re going to succeed in work and life. Science because you need the latest brain research to understand why you behave the way you do. And tools because the process of life change is so misunderstood, you may have been going at it all wrong.

The Art of Being a Woman – Véronique Vienne

Véronique Vienne says that the art of being a woman comes out when we spot greatness in other women, have a good laugh at our own expense, and ultimately discover how completely happy we are in our own skin. In this book, Vienne guides women of all ages and cultures through practical and whimsical lessons in the art of womanhood and in the joy of loving life as only a woman can. With spirited prose and witty illustrations, The Art of Being a Woman informs and celebrates the many ways we all can release our insecurities, count our blessings, and experience what the French call “joie de vivre,” a lively tryst between heart and mind.


Embracing the Fire – Julia A. Boyd

In a round of salty, rowdy, and joyous conversations with friends, African American therapist Julia Boyd shares her own and several other women's truths about sex, relationships, God, and children. Boyd acts as narrator and guide, stitching together the stories and conversations. The topics addressed include the pleasures of erotic sex, pluses and minuses of long-term relationships, communication between the sexes and lesbian love affairs. Boyd also has a useful chapter on the importance of daughters learning from and respecting the sexual choices of their mothers while becoming strong enough to make their own relationship decisions.


Hardball for Women - Winning at the Game of Business – Pat Heim PhD

The game of business is hardball, played according to the rules of the male culture. The author, Pat Heim, acts as an interpreter, explaining the different behaviors and mind-sets boys and girls learn and carry into their lives as adult men and women. For example, boys learn to compete; girls learn to get along. Each chapter begins with a summary of the hardball lessons boys learn and the house-and-doll lessons girls learn and concludes with key pointers for playing hardball successfully. Concepts are illustrated with compelling real-life examples. This landmark work will likely become essential reading for professional women everywhere. At the same time, it offers men considerable insight into the strengths and contributions of the female culture.