Outgrowing Your Brand – a Risk – or a Necessity? Part 1


It seems like 2011 has begun with a feeling of pure excitement. As a nation, it looks like we’re coming out of our recession, and that is showing up everywhere -- in the audiences I speak to, the corporations I work with around brand strategy, and the executives I coach. Across the board we’re 100% ready for new frontiers and to create new communication inroads (Facebook anyone?) and connections. What this has translated to, tangibly, is big brand shifts, either to reach new clients – or simply to remain vibrantly useful to those we already have. So this begs the first question? Can’t we just do one thing amazingly well and build a great business with a solidly growing customer base? Of course the answer is yes. But there’s a lot to be said for not putting all of your eggs in one basket (think Myspace). Growing your platform, adding new services and products, creating more inroads to potential and existing clients – how could that go wrong?

Well, if your brand shift is not done artfully, it could be disastrous. But not growing your brand could definitely spell defeat. So how is a young company to navigate these waters? What does a brand shift mean and how do you go about it so you don’t alienate your loyal followers and lose market share?

There are several answers to this, and I’ll be covering them all week long. The first thing, however, is to STOP and make a solid decision. If you’ve outgrown your brand, for any variety of reasons, be sure to decide if you’re jumping ship or just changing course. If you’re totally abandoning what you’ve done so far, create a profitable (and supportive) exit strategy. Why not leave your friends, fans and clients with great information, tools and perhaps even a recommendation for another service provider or supplier to work with. You might even be able to work out an affiliate fee with whomever you suggest.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about charting a course that includes the brand you’ve already built, but embraces where you’d like to go next. (And how to decide where that is without spending a million dollars or wasting months and months of your time.)

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Until next time, Libby Gill Brand Strategist, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker