RE-solutions. Hey, why not? By Branding Expert, Libby Gill


New Year's Resolutions! It's that day again. It's the day we dare to hope, but remain hauntingly aware that it is NOT easy -- that we have failed at our attempts many times.  Being a writer gives me some great insights into words -- sometimes simple insights.  Here's the thing about resolutions, they are solutions that we use over and over, thus, REsolutions.  So it's okay that the problem we were solving or growing past or overcoming (pick your word) comes up a few times.  That's why we have a REsolution. The process of getting unstuck, which I write about in my bestseller, "You Unstuck," is not an easy process.  It is, however, a simple process. It is learnable. It is employable. Becoming slanted toward solutions and getting on the unstuck path is a great way to start your new year.  It is a broad stroke toward a new life. So instead of making one or two resolutions that you fear you will fail at -- again -- why not learn tried and true techniques to apply to all of the areas of your life that you would like to improve?

Register for my next class on the You Unstuck process at  Increase your chances for change by inviting a friend or accountability partner for only fifty bucks more! (Now that’s a gift worth unwrapping!)To the new you in 2011 and your amazing life, Libby Gill, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Executive Coach