Risk-Taker's Tip: Ending Holiday Blues and Isolation

It doesn’t matter how full our lives are, sometimes the holidays can just get us down.  For today, let’s all take a step in the right direction for 2011.   

Getting out among people can give you a sat­isfying feeling of connectedness. Why do you think Starbucks and its clones have become such hits? Because they continue the age-old café and pub tradition where people congregate, not just to imbibe, but to commune with others. And this isn't a new idea, of course. It's as timeless as civilization itself. Wherever we are, we seek one another.

So don't let the holidays get you down! Get out and join the people at a coffee shop, lunch spot, or local park. If you’re traveling alone, spend a little time in a lively lounge or lobby instead of holed up in your hotel room. It’ll raise your spirits and boost your energy!

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