Risk-Taker's Tool: Visualizing Your Ideal Outcome – Part 2


http://libbygill.com/coaching-courses Today, as you go through your visualization exercise to see the success you wish to create in 2011, mentally put some obstacles in your place. Imagine that the client throws you a curve ball or shuts you out and you risk losing the deal. Or you’re out to dinner with your friends, who are all feasting on pasta, bread, and wine while you look on, thinking about your diet. Or that fantastic woman (or man) that you want to ask out seems to show no interest.

Continue to work through the scenario, giving yourself plenty of time to really feel what it’s like to be so supremely confident and in control that you breeze through the challenge barely batting an eye. See the final outcome of the situation, whether it’s you sticking to your diet and, instead of feeling deprived and miserable, finding it incredibly easy to eat a healthy dinner and have fun with your friends, regardless of what they’re eating. Or you masterfully bring the client around, seal the deal and become the office hero. Or you striding up to that fantastic person and asking them out for coffee.

Bring the scene to a natural conclusion and anchor it with a word or phrase that sums up your feeling and your mission for the day. It could be power, energy, win, passion, health, abundance, joy, or calm.  Take several more deep breaths, focusing deeply on your word during the inhalation. Continue this for 3-5 minutes until you feel energized and ready to take on the day. Open your eyes with a stretch and a smile.

When the scenario you imagined or something similar actually takes place (you’ll be amazed how often this happens), allow yourself to relax into your pre-programmed response. Let the sense of calm control, power, or command take over and steer you toward the outcome you visualized. Don’t be frustrated if this doesn’t happen the first time (or every time). Just relax and have faith that by “seeing” the outcome you want, you greatly increase your odds of making it happen. If you find this work satisfying and you’re willing to do the work to get unstuck and create these winning opportunities, register for my next class at http://libbygill.com/coaching-courses.

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