Risk-Taker’s Tool – Your Personal Forgiveness Project

In just a couple of weeks, I begin my next coaching course on You Unstuck.  The goals around this course are threefold: 1) To help the participants clarify their vision with a “Success & Satisfaction Assessment” for their personal and professional success;

2) To simplify the path to reaching those vision by creating a customized “Escalating Risk Hierarchy;” and

3) To help each participant to boldly execute their plan with “Monthly Milestones for Accountability” to help them to start crossing action items off the to do list even before the end of the course.

Almost all of us bump into the same sticking points in our lives.  We ALL get stuck.  Nope, you didn’t invent fear around switching jobs, even though you might hate where you work.  And no again, you’re not the only person out there trying to lose the same 30 .. 40 … 100 pounds for X number of years. You’re not the only one staying in a damaged relationship.

Whatever you’re stuck on, you can be guaranteed you didn’t invent the issue. They are almost always universal problems that all, or at least most, human beings face. Many people get stuck on regret, for instance.  Wishing they could undo choices they made or paths they chose.  It is almost universal, and it is a roadblock you must overcome in order to really get unstuck in your life.

All this week, we’ll look at some ways you can forgive yourself, let go of mistakes and move forward. While it may be difficult, it’s certainly not impossible to master some basic self-forgiveness techniques.

I’ll go over these in detail, one by one, all week long.  If you’d like more information about my upcoming course, you can go to http://www.libbygill.com/coaching-courses.

Until next time, Libby Gill Brand Strategist, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker