The #1 Question I’m Asked: “Is branding really that big a deal?”


I'm always shocked to discover that so many high-level colleagues really don’t understand WHAT branding is and WHY it’s so vital to a successful business – especially a business that sells their products and services online. If you’re struggling with the #1 question, it’s definitely worth reading today’s blog: “Is branding really that big a deal?”…And here’s a very close follow-up question that comes breathlessly after Branding Question #1:  “Why do I want to build a brand and become recognized – or even famous – in my field?” Well, the answer is simple.  When you have a trusted brand, you can:

  • Command a higher price for your products or services
  • Become the category leader and win against the competition
  • Leverage social media to broaden your reach
  • Capture the attention of the traditional media – including print, TV and radio - and make them eager to write about you and your work
  • Create a relationship with your audience that keeps them coming back for more

What you also get by creating a powerful and recognizable brand is what big celebrities and companies call Brand Equity. It gives you the staying power to:

  • Create products or programs to sell or license
  • Build a loyal base of brand evangelists who’ll tell the world how great you and your products/services are
  • Attract potential joint venture partners, investors, product creators and more

HOW you go about creating and building your branded presence is, of course, much more than a discussion – which is why I’m always in teaching mode.

You can get started in an easy, gentle way with my DVD “Branding You: 5 Strategies for Creating a Powerful Personal Brand”. At $49, it’s a POWERFUL first step toward your effective and compelling BRAND.

Until next time, Libby GillBranding Expert, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker