Facebook – A Friend or Foe when it Comes to Your Kids?

This week’s topic is all about online branding for your kids.  It’s also got some tips we can all take into our day-to-day activities to have a better online presence.  But when it comes to our kids, there are some serious issues to consider.  One is, “To Facebook or Not to Facebook,” that is the question. First, let me say that Facebook itself has some rules around age.  Last I checked their rule was that you had to be thirteen years old to participate AND have a parent’s permission.  Having said that, let’s just address the most important thing our kids need to know to protect – and showcase – their personal brand. Have a HEALTHY Facebook Profile! Okay, we’ve already talked about all of the mistakes to avoid on Facebook (you can see my blogs from 12/3 and 12/4 for some basic safety standards of online behavior, including Facebook). There are a lot of truly healthy ways to be there and to learn and make great connections.  To begin with, help your kid to have a full profile, highlighting their passions and preferences in everything from books to movies to people!  Next, find and join groups that focus on those interests.  By posting meaningful commentary and sharing knowledge, your teen can definitely showcase themselves in a non-boastful way.  If they’re already headed to a great school, it’s possible that they can join groups already going on at the campus and even alumni groups to hear the experiences of post-grads.

Tune in all week to learn my ten top tips to help your own kids build a brand online and begin their future.  If they’re old enough, you can also invite them to take my You Unstuck course with you – it starts on February 16th, and it’s a great investment to figure out what comes next in life – whether you’re 18 or 68.  There’s never a better time to start living your best life and building your career dreams. Register for my You Unstuck Course at http://libbygill.com/coaching-courses.

To your amazing life, Libby Gill, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Executive Coach http://libbygill.com/coaching-courses