The One-Two to Help Your Kid Build a Brand Online with a Blog!

Okay! Now on to the good stuff!  As a branding expert – and a mom – I know that we have a TON of opportunities to help our kids build their brand – and build it long before they are Google searched by colleges and jobs to find out if they’re a good fit. #1 Have a Blog! Although they may not know what they want to do with their lives, believe me, your kids are good at what they do now – whether that’s sports or music or gaming or cooking – or just being a friend!  Whether they love movies (Harry Potter anyone?) or ping pong or fashion (yes, all those trips to the mall just might pay off some day!).  With your guidance, your child can start a blog and share their expertise on anything they choose – showcasing their knowledge, their passion, and even their writing ability!  They can accomplish this very easily, and for free, through either or

#2 Share Your Blog! There’s nothing like having a presence online – unless it’s building a following online. Imagine the admissions department of your child’s top pick for colleges when they do a Google search on your kid (and believe me, they will), and they find his or her blog – with a thousand followers!  (Or ten thousand – the sky’s pretty much the limit online.)  Building blog followers will get easier the more entries they post – to start out with though, share it on Facebook, both on the wall and through the NetworkedBlogs application.  NetworkedBlogs will allow your child (and you, or anyone else who follows the blog) to invite up to 16 connections a day to follow!  It even has a widget that with just a touch of acumen, you can add to the back end of the blog to showcase just how many followers the blog has each day.

Tune in all week to learn my ten top tips to help your own kids build a brand online and begin their future. If they’re old enough, you can also invite them to take my You Unstuck course with you – it starts on February 16th, and it’s a great investment to figure out what comes next in life – whether you’re 18 or 68.  There’s never a better time to start living your best life and building your career dreams. Register for my You Unstuck Course at

To your amazing life, Libby Gill, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Executive Coach