What does your signature line say about you? 5 Steps to Stand Out in the Crowd

Like an elevator pitch, your email signature line is a make-or-break opportunity to showcase your brand. You’ve heard it before, but there really is no second chance at a first impression.  In today’s world, email is often how we meet or re-meet people.  So what should your signature line say about you?  Check out some of the ideas below… #1. Degrees of success. This sounds like an easy one.  If you’re a Ph.D. or an attorney, those are obvious signature line credits, right?  Wrong.  I have a long-standing client and friend who is a relationship coach.  She’s also a full-time attorney.  She felt that using her Esq. or J.D. could work against her brand many people have an irrational bias against attorneys.  In the case of my friend, I assured her it would not hurt her, especially since she was an estate-planning attorney and had worked with hundreds of couples over the years.  But it is a good question to ask yourself – do your credentials support your brand or confuse your customers?

#2.  Remember that your strongest credential may not be obvious. Another branding client of mine is a social media strategist.  She’s savvy and creative and successful – but there is a lot of noise in that field.  One thing that does stand out right away is when she starts to share her client list.  So instead of some empty tag line, her signature block includes a few of her heavy-hitter clients and it is impressive.

#3.  Include a phone number! You don’t have to give your home or cell phone.  If you don’t have a formal office, and you don’t want to publicize your personal numbers, get an inexpensive 800 number from the internet. You can find a great service for between $10 and $20 a month.  Be sure to use a great voice mail that really sells you and definitely check it at least once a day. #4.  Tag lines. Here’s the thing about tag lines – often, they’re invisible.  If you can’t find a tag line that really sells you as unique in your industry, just skip it.  Your signature line is prime real estate, and wasting even one line on a bland or invisible statement about who you are is not the best choice. Instead, be sure that your title is one that accurately identifies you, and if possible, helps you to stand out in your field.  Or consider a call-to-action, such as a sign-up link to get your free e-Book or a 15-minute consultation.

#5.  A call to action. Be sure to use your email signature line for what it’s meant to be – a call to action.  Include every aspect of how to reach you.  Include your name, title, company, websites, phone number – and very important in today’s world, your social media accounts.  Remember to direct people to where you want them to go – so if you have a Facebook Group or Fan Page, for instance, send them there, and not to your profile.

Finally, it’s definitely okay to include a picture – but only one. More that that, and it could be distracting to your recipient.

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Until next time, Libby Gill Branding Expert, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker

Case Study

Sadly, I am probably a good example of today’s topic myself.  My own email signature line is not the least by sexy, lacks a good call to action, and has a tag line that easily gets overlooked.  Here it is --  and below is my new one. Old Signature Line... (not so great) ---

Libby Gill Business Coach, Brand Strategist & Bestselling Author www.LibbyGill.com www.SpeakerLibbyGill.com Ofc. 310.215.0222 Cell 310.779.4177

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/libbygill Twitter http://twitter.com/LibbyGill LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/libbygillcompany

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And here’s the NEW me!

Libby Gill, Business Coach, Brand Strategist & Bestselling Author YOU UNSTUCK: Mastering the New Rules of Risk-taking in Work & Life www.LibbyGill.com www.SpeakerLibbyGill.com Office 310.215.0222 / Cell 310.779.4177

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