Youtube for Branding – and Getting into a Great College!

Yes, all those hours your kids have spent on Youtube have not gone to waste!  Why?  Because one fast and amazing way to showcase who they are and what they’re good at is to have a Youtube presence! Okay, so if showcasing their writing ability made you cringe – and makes them want to run out the door – they can run a VIDEO blog with great ease.  All they need is a way to take a great video (I recommend an inexpensive HiDef minicam – I bought one made by Sony at Walmart for $159).  Today, even most phones can shoot video and post to Youtube, but a small investment in a HiDefinition camera is definitely worth it. They can even interview any number of “experts” or voices in their field of expertise – and who knows, that might lead to career opportunities down the road!  (A couple of examples – if they’re field of choice and passion is a sport, don’t stop with their high school coach, find local pro players or even a triple A farm team and head out for a great Q&A. You’ll be surprised who’s open to doing five minutes on film with a kid.)  If your son or daughter is interested in fashion, have them set up a charity fashion show and videotape the entire process – from choosing the outfits to staging the show.  And once loaded to Youtube, where it will already get some great attention – videos can also be easily duplicated to blogs by copying out the HTML code.  1-2-3 easy, believe me.

Final thoughts on this – remember that personal branding is huge.  Your son or daughter should do everything they can to showcase who they ARE – but still remember who they want to be later on.  If they’re hoping for an international banking job, a tie is probably a good look to go with. If they’re hoping to own a hair salon, a great hair-do speaks volumes. Remember that a picture paints a thousand words, and this is definitely one place to take advice to heart.

Tune in all week to learn my ten top tips to help your own kids build a brand online and begin their future.  If they’re old enough, you can also invite them to take my You Unstuck course with you – it starts on February 16th, and it’s a great investment to figure out what comes next in life – whether you’re 18 or 68.  There’s never a better time to start living your best life and building your career dreams. Register for my You Unstuck Course at

To your amazing life, Libby Gill, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Executive Coach