The Next Version of YOU - It Begins with the Possibilities!

Like many of us, I have followed a few different paths during my career. It’s led to some wonderful successes and built some great friendships.  Ultimately it led me to two careers, which I get to enjoy simultaneously.  I am an executive / entrepreneurial coach AND a branding consultant.  And although these might not seem to coincide on too many levels, believe me, your best branded identity often needs some coaching to rise to the surface.  Why?  Because, like the wonderful Sonny Bono once said, “I just had to reinvent myself a lot.” What does this mean on the coaching side?  It means helping clients to always be ready for the next version of themselves – and to be ready when the next unexpected opportunity comes along their path.  In a nutshell, this is the art of risk taking.

Risk-Taker’s Tip for the Last Few Days of December 2010:  Most people are ineffective goal-setters because they don’t ask themselves the right questions at the onset. When setting personal or pro­fessional goals, always ask yourself the following three questions (if the answer is “no” to any of them, reframe your goal or change it altogether):

1. Am I passionate about this goal? 2. Is this goal within my power to accomplish? 3. Can I measure my success, that is, is my goal so specific that I’ll know when I’ve achieved it? So for all of you, as counter-intuitive as it might sound, I wish you a risky 2011!!!

Register at and create a fun atmosphere for change by inviting a friend or accountability partner for only fifty bucks! (Now that’s a gift worth unwrapping!) To the new you in 2011 and your amazing life, Libby Gill, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Executive Coach