Tool for Risk Reinforcement to Envision Your Healthy Lifestyle.

Like most people, I have definitely outlined some goals around health for 2011.  Okay, a small percentage of that is vanity. Who doesn't want to look great, right?  But living long and feeling great are the top goals.  Like most people ... I also already feel like I'm not prioritizing those goals!  So here is my Tool for Risk Reinforcement to Envision Your Healthy Lifestyle. Right now, clarify a vision of you in vibrant good health. How will it feel to have abundant energy? To buy a new wardrobe? To feel fabulous while you’re exercising, dancing or making love? Now simplify the most direct route to realizing that vision. Write out your new diet plan. Put your workout commitments on your calendar. Finally, execute your plan—with a trainer, gym class, workout buddy—whatever it takes to get you into action!

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