Unstuck. It's Way Past Time to Get There

Unstuck. It's Way Past Time to Get There

Okay!  My You Unstuck Course began tonight, and it was wonderful.  I have posted the tool that I shared with the group at other times, here on my blog.  But I think it really bears repeating.  Why?  Because it's not easy to know what to work on in life first.  What's the starting point? So often, it can feel like many (or even all) areas of our life are not where we want them to be ... to say the least.  So here's a tool to get you started again.  Remember, every day is a new beginning -- a do over.  Take advantage of yours, and let me know how it goes. Consider at the list below. Each item is labeled to represent a major area of your personal or professional life. Think about each section and, as objectively and honestly as you can, rate your satisfaction level in each area of your life on a 1-10 scale, 1 being least satisfied, 10 being most satisfied.

If a category isn’t especially meaningful to you, factor that into your score. For example, if you’re single and happy about it, there’s no need to give yourself a low rating on Significant Other. You’re not scoring yourself on whether or not you have a significant other, just if you’re satisfied with what you do have.  Next, write your rating for each category between 1 and 10 in all areas, and make a quick notation in just a few words. For example: Significant Other – no time to date = 2 … or:  Relationships with Friends – I have a great group of friends = 9.

Success & Satisfaction Self-Assessment List

Career Finances Health and Self-Care Relationships with Family Relationships with Friends Significant Other Purpose or Spirituality Personal Growth Recreation and Fun Home, Office, Living Space

If you’re like most people, you probably have some areas of your life that are working quite well and other areas that need some attention, maybe even urgently. If you feel that the low ratings you gave yourself are indications of deeper problems than the need to get unstuck, you may want to consider some professional help. Ask yourself if you, or others, have noticed a change in your behavior. Have friends, family members or colleagues suggested that you see a doc­tor or therapist? If so, you may want to schedule some time to visit an internist, general practitioner, pastoral counselor or psychotherapist. Request that a trusted family member or friend make the appointment and possibly even accompany you for emotional support.

Assigning self-determined ratings can be very eye-opening. After you’ve given yourself a 2 out of a possible 10 on Health, it’s pretty hard to pretend that everything is O.K. with your self-care. Conversely, even though you may grouse about your over-involved parents and sibling, when you give Family a 9, it’s obvious that this part of your life is very satisfying for you.

ACTION STEP: Now pick the area with a low score that would mean the MOST to you to change.  THAT is the area (or areas) that you can commit to work on.  Then you can work on another area, and another.  And get an accountability partner to do this with!  It's MUCH easier to have someone to work with in this world. You can still register for my You Unstuck Course (which began tonight, 2/16) athttp://libbygill.com/coaching-courses. I will be happy to send you the recording of tonight and you can join us live for the next two weeks.

To your amazing life,Libby Gill, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Executive Coach