Using the Web to Weave Success for Your Kids & Encourage Them To Write!

There are few outlets and modes of expression easier to accomplish in this world than writing. It's no cost, fairly easy, and one of the most recognized assets in almost any career choice. And it's not as hard as you might think to get them started -- texting anyone? If you’re kid is a great writer, helping them to publish their work online is a fabulous way to keep it going – and if they’re not, it’s a good way to help them develop.  Either way, becoming published online is a wonderful exercise. If your kid is actively blogging and enjoying the process they can fairly easily re-post those articles onto shared article servers, such as and (among others) and really spread their wings online.  Imagine a college or employer seeing that your child is an “Expert Author” on EzineArticles in the area of golf or baseball or art or cooking.  There’s no fee, and the profile alone is worth its weight in gold.

Another way to showcase themselves is to write meaningful commentary in meaningful places. A while back one of my executive coaching clients wrote a comment on Charlie Rose’s website in response to a show he did – and even though it’s several years ago, it will still come up on page 2 or 3 of a Google search of her name.  Obviously, writing meaningful comments in notable spaces is a great asset to our kids. Whether that be to comment on a New York Times article on Derek Jeter or to hit the #1 online billboard for folk music and share some ideas on the next best album from Willie Nelson.  Whatever they’re interested in, help them find the most reputable articles, websites and blogs, and then GO for it.

Tune in all week to learn my ten top tips to help your own kids build a brand online and begin their future.  If they’re old enough, you can also invite them to take my You Unstuck course with you – it starts on February 16th, and it’s a great investment to figure out what comes next in life – whether you’re 18 or 68.  There’s never a better time to start living your best life and building your career dreams. Register for my You Unstuck Course at

To your amazing life, Libby Gill, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Executive Coach