Using Your Website to Thrive through Chaos & Change

Using Your Website to Thrive through Chaos & Change

Entrepreneurs can depend on only one constant – change.  In addition to running their businesses day-to-day, they must also have a proactive strategy to compete for customers in a challenging environment, keep up with changes in technology, and ride out the gloomy global economy.

An entertainment industry veteran, I survived more than a dozen management restructures, transitions and takeovers – and thrived amidst chaos, taking more senior leadership positions with each transition.  But in the end, I elected to work my way “down the corporate ladder” and began my own company: Libby Gill & Company.  This was so I could follow my true passion of coaching others to success and effect meaningful change in the lives of the people I most wanted to work with.

It was a huge shift in my personal AND professional brand, but it was 100% necessary.  After all, this isn’t the dress rehearsal for life.  This is it.  I’ve focused on many different aspects of branding over the last ten successful years that I’ve been in business, and I’ve watched the website take on a role of greater importance almost every day.

If you haven’t already, definitely take a moment and sign up for my no-cost 45-minute webinar on March 9th on “The 3 Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make with Their Website.”  This teleseminar will be filled with information to help you give your website a wow makeover that delivers results. The website is the hub of your brand and it is where your credentialed expertise is MOST apparent – at least online. Here’s the link to register:

Until next time, Libby Gill Branding Expert, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker