You Can’t Race to the Finish Line if Your Arms Are Full of Regret


Know this, we all face regret – personally, professionally, in every way.  It’s part of the human condition.  When it comes to your career and work, however, feel free to always stop and absorb the lesson. Whatever the lesson is.  Give yourself a debriefing period after every major project or effort you undertake. If you didn’t make any mistakes, you may not be setting the bar high enough. And if you did make mistakes, learn to appreciate them as fabulous teaching tools. Lucky you!

And stop the constant judging. If you’re continually looking for approval at the office, from your colleagues or peers, or even stepping on the bathroom scale every day, you’re trying too hard.

Set your goal, stick to your plan, and stop being so judgmental. It only weighs you down.

Tomorrow I’ll outline some specific ideas around releasing regret.  For today, use this blog to help you reflect on what you’ve worked on recently. Is regret slowing you down (or even stopping you). Is it keeping you from giving your biggest dreams another try?

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To your amazing life,Libby Gill, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Executive Coach