6 Steps on Maintaining Constant Gratitude, by Libby Gill

One of the most important things we can remember and embody every day is maintaining a constant state of gratefulness, despite whatever circumstances we may be in. Why? Because it turns out that living in a state of appreciation has some unexpected benefits. Throughout my book "You Unstuck" I cite the work of sought-after experts in the emerging field of “positive psychology,” which is now widely recognized as the scientific study of human wellness, happiness, and well-being. A departure from the traditional focus on negative life aspects, such as addiction, trauma, or depression, researchers in this field provide insight on how we can make our lives more purposeful and fulfilling. Living in a CONSTANT state of gratitude is probably one of the most difficult paths we can take in our lives though – believe me though, when we make the choice to CONSCIOUSLY live gratefully, we can actually CREATE a better life. So how can you begin to live a life of gratitude? Try the following tips. You’ll definitely be grateful you did! #1. Keep a gratitude journal. Take a few minutes each day to jot down some things for which you’re grateful. These might include family, health, sunshine, your pet, or just a good piece of fruit. Review and reflect upon your list regularly.

#2. Think grateful thoughts. Psychologists refer to your inner thoughts as “self talk.” This constant internal monologue can be an incredibly powerful influence on how you feel about yourself, other people, and the events of the day, so make sure you turn up the volume on grateful thinking. #3. Be grateful for everything – even the negatives. It may sound counter-intui­tive, but remember to give thanks for the lessons learned and insights gleaned from situations that turned out less than ideal. #4. SEE the good stuff. Put some visual reminders of things you’re grateful for in your line of vision. These could include placing a family photo on your desk, an award on your bookshelf, or a slo­gan that sums up your grateful attitude where it will catch your eye each day.

#5. Write a thank you letter to someone who affected your life. Thank an inspiring teacher, a beloved babysitter, or a treasured colleague or friend who did or said something that helped you, even in a small, subtle way. #6. Forgive your enemies. While this may seem like a stretch, try to forgive those who’ve wronged you. Hanging onto anger and resentment can block feelings of grateful­ness. Consciously shift your focus from bitterness to blessings. To YOUR amazing life,

Libby Gill, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Executive Coach Bestselling Author of: You Unstuck http://www.LibbyGill.com/Club

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