Are You Living Without Borders?

Catherine Carr compares being stuck in her work and life like constantly washing dishes.  Dull, unchallenging and stagnant.  That is, until she decided she was through being stuck and ready to dream big.  Catherine’s metaphoric dishwashing days were over.

She went on the Doctors Without Borders website (known as Médecins Sans Frontières or MSF in most of the world) and, to her great surprise, found a job that fit her skills.  It hadn’t even occurred to Catherine that there would be “normal jobs” like finance, operations and human resources within Doctors Without Borders.  But just a few weeks later, she was hired as an HR finance coordinator and was off to Kenya to support the organization’s mission of international medical and humanitarian aid.

Catherine believes that finally letting go and trusting that it would all work out gave her the courage to open the door to a much larger life.  How about you?  Are you living a life of mediocrity or are you ready to live without borders?

CLICK HERE to listen to my interview with Catherine to hear the inspiring story of how she began living a life of radical purpose.

If you’d like to contribute time, money or resources to Doctors Without Borders, please visit their website and donate generously to this amazing organization.


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