Celebrating the GOOD Stuff - Ten Years in Business

I am thrilled to share with you all that as the first day of November (which is less than two weeks from where I stand right now), I will have been in business for myself for TEN years. Wow. And while I can’t say this has been a “perfect 10” – I can say that I wouldn’t trade even the worst day of it with the life I had before.  Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of accomplishments and great relationships – and even fun times – spread over my corporate career – but nothing feels as good to a true entrepreneur as waking up to the toughest boss in the world.  (Yes, that would be YOU.)

And if you think you’ve had it hard working for other people, wait until the client roster, product path, employee management, and oh yes, the bills, ALL fall onto your to do list.  I honestly think that’s a big part of why so many businesses fail.  Not because they don’t have a great product or a great leader, but because the wealth of work can overwhelm them before enough success balances it out.

THAT is why those all-important achievements and milestones MUST be celebrated.  It’s not to toot your own horn (but hey, why not) – it’s more to remind you (and those who are in the trenches with you) that you ARE succeeding.  In my case, the first two in those trenches are my sons!  (Thanks guys, your joy for life is the fuel that keeps me going.)

In my world, I’ve also been very fortunate to reach a LOT of people – not just through corporate lectures, keynotes and coaching, but even just through social media.  I’m up to over 20,000 followers – and believe me, it feels like all of you are encouraging me and using what I teach on a daily basis.

Soooooo, as my way to include you all in my 10th Anniversary party, I’m going to give YOU a gift.  Every day for the next year, beginning November 1, I’m going to post a blog on how to USE branding to move your business forward.  Some of them will be long and have worksheets attached, and some will be a quick two line thought for the day – but EVERY one of them will have an accountability step that you can implement to help you be more successful in your own journey.

I look forward to your feedback on how these tips and insights effect your outlook and your bottom line, and I invite all of you to sign up for my newsletter to participate with me on a deeper level.  You can do that by going to my website and clicking on: Sign Up for Tips & Tools to Get You Unstuck.  (http://www.libbygill.com/sign-up-for-tips-tools-to-get-you-unstuck)


Until next time, Libby Gill

Business Coach, Brand Strategist & Bestselling Author