Final Thoughts on Putting Down the Bat to Reach for the Stars

When you’re thinking about self-forgiveness, be specific about what you’re forgiving. If you have a generalized sense of your flaws, faults and shortcom­ings, it’s nearly impossible to put that to rest. Drill down, figure out specifically what requires self-forgiveness, then do that. It's worth the effort so you can get UNstuck in life and really create those success stories you long for -- the career move or business of your dreams, a healthy fit body, the love of your life. If you're hitting yourself with that bat, you sure can't be swinging for a home run, right? Next, change the tape. Let go of the internal chatter about how you screwed things up, resist the urge to repeat the story endlessly to your friends or co-workers and, as we’ve done before, change the tape in your head from negative screw-up to positive opportunity for change.  Trust that you won’t repeat the same missteps over and over in life, even if it takes a while to learn new paths and behaviors.

Finally, establish a self-forgiveness ritual. When I had a big project and a broken relationship come crashing down on me simultaneously, I decided to hold a personal forgiveness ritual. I found a letter and a photo that were symbolic of those dashed dreams, put on some music, lit a candle, said a prayer and burned the sym­bols. My life didn’t change overnight, but I was able to regroup, regain my self-compassion and start over.

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To your amazing life, Libby Gill, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Executive Coach