Find Space for What You Need

I love yoga.  I know, it's a California cliche and I actually resisted it for as long as I could.  But eventually, I succumbed to the pull of the mat and the power of the downward facing dog.

Last night, my lovely and incredibly nimble young yoga instructor said something that really struck me.  She told the class that her mentor described yoga as the practice of finding space where none existed before.  She meant in your lungs and between your vertebrae, of course, but to me, this wasn't just a great yoga metaphor, it was a great life metaphor.

Take a few minutes to consider the physical or mental overcrowding that you're probably putting up with right now.   Where do you need to bring some space into your personal or professional life?  Do you need space on your calendar to spend more time with your kids?  Space in your home to bring a pet into your life?  Space on your to-do list to allow for new business?

Decide where you want the space and start making room.  Even though it may be hard to get started, once you're done it's  like that final child pose that you ease into at the end of a tough yoga session.  Ahhh, breathe deep and relax into all that space.

Many thanks to MyAccountabilityClub member Angie Horejsi for her beautiful photo!

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