Fire Up Your Brand Without Breaking the Bank! A One Day Web Makeover.

In tough economic times like we’ve been experiencing right now – and may for the foreseeable future - it’s essential to get back to basics.  What’s really important to you?  Who and what do you cherish most?  Where do you want to focus your time, energy and resources? Getting back to basics is especially important when it comes to branding your business.  While you may not want to check your 401K every day, now is not the time to check out on your brand.  You need to relentlessly (though not obnoxiously) educate your customers about the value you bring them so they’ll keep coming back for more, bringing friends, family and colleagues.

But all this brand-building doesn’t have to break the bank.  Even though the bottom may have dropped out of the financial world, there are still plenty of cost-effective ways to enhance your image.

The NUMBER One, most important achievement you can make is to be sure that your WEBSITE is totally supporting your brand -- meaning your products, your services, your own identity as an expert, and everything around your business.  To learn more about branding your website, the most important tool you have online, take my 1 Day Web Makeover Course. At less than $100, it’s a million-dollar investment in your success.

You can also grab my free video right now that reveals the #1Website Blunder that is killing your conversion.

Until next time, Libby Gill Brand Strategist, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker

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