Learning to get Unstuck with the CSE Method from Libby Gill: Clarify, Simplify, Execute

We often know WHAT we need to do to change our lives and get “unstuck." The big question is WHY don’t we change our lives? Getting unstuck is less about changing behavior and more about changing beliefs. Sure, you’ve got to take action, but if you don’t change your belief system while you do that, your results may be short-lived (and maybe even counterproductive).

Working with my book, You Unstuck, will give you a philosophy and a process so you can finally change the beliefs that are keeping you stuck, which will change your behavior, which will change your life. If you don’t have the book, we can at least start the process here. Accurately identifying the problem is the first step toward solving it. That goes doubly for getting unstuck, since excuses and denial are often a big part of what’s holding you back. Watch out for limiting assumptions as you go forward in the change process. Those are conclusions without evidence, logic, or objective data that can (and will) limit your ability to get unstuck.

For now, let’s look at my proven “Clarify, Simplify & Execute” process. CSE is a simple, problem-solving matrix into which you can plug any relevant data. The CSE model is invaluable when I work as an executive coach – and I share it often as a keynote speaker too.

First, clarify your vision of a life filled with the change you want to embrace. A clear vision is a critical starting point so you can see what you want as real and attainable. If it’s too abstract, distant or unrealistic, you won’t feel passionate enough to put in the work needed to reach it.

Next, simplify the most direct route you can think of to becoming what you envision. This is where things began to get harder, which is another reason you need your won­derful vision to keep you motivated. Past failures, fears, and resistance may come up, but that’s your cue to challenge those beliefs. (I coach a fantastic Accountability Group with great success for its members around change – you can find it at http://www.MyAccountabilityGroup.com.)

Although the Simplify portion of the CSE model may not sound all that simple, the goal is always to find the most direct route to reach your vision. That might include brainstorming, reviewing past failures and successes, eliminating obstacles, getting expert information, etc., etc.. Once you’ve got a clear vision and an action path, all you have to do is act.

Finally, execute. Execute is the specific action steps you’ll need to take and how you will hold yourself accountable to execut­ing your plan, especially when the going got rough. Later this week, I’ll write about mapping out your CSE blueprint. As we go deeper into the work of You Unstuck, you’ll learn other skills you can layer on top of this foundation. You’ll see how easy it can be to overcome nearly any obstacle, solve any problem, or make any decision as you become adept at setting up the CSE model and then asking the right qualifying questions.

Remember, your action step for this week is to consider where you are stuck in YOUR life. And you’ll want to develop accountability partners to support you as you get UNSTUCK. Feel free to join my Accountability Club – I’m running a $1 / 1 month trial just so you can try it on for size http://www.LibbyGill.com/Club. Having your own copy of You Unstuckhttp://www.LibbyGill.com/store will allow you to move at your own pace and maximize your journey.

To YOUR amazing life, Libby Gill, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Executive Coach Bestselling Author of: You Unstuck


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