Online Branding Assessment Tool

This week, take the time to give your website a strong overview to see if it's supporting your brand.  Go down the entire list and grade yourself on a 1-5 scale on how well you’re doing in each area, 1 being worst and 5 being best. Be sure to note any comments you have as well - try to look over each page of your website with a clean eye, as if you've never seen it before.  If you score less than a four in every aspect, definitely take my 1 Day Web Makeover Course. At less than $300, it’s a million-dollar investment in your success.

Your name: Your website:

  • URL that ties into brand
  • Brand message on homepage
  • Credibility at a glance
  • Powerful testimonials
  • Snappy tagline
  • Great design & graphics
  • Compelling content
  • Well-edited, up to date copy
  • Engaging photo of principal
  • Strong biography of principal
  • Description of services
  • Resources in your niche
  • Contact info on front page
  • Blog linked to site
  • Prominent email signup
  • Offer to drive email signup
  • Smart use of video
  • Professional email address
  • Use of social media icons

Finally, if you're able to, ask two or three close friends or colleagues or even a team member to do this exercise for you as well. Assure them that their brutal honesty is the most important gift they can give you -- this is not the place to be overly polite.

Feel free to copy this blog, fill out the assessment, and send it back to me if you think your website could use my one-on-one branding expertise.  You can send me your assessment and your questions or comments at

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