Protecting Your Kids Future from their own Impulsiveness Mistakes Online, by Branding Expert, Libby Gill

  I recently had a conversation with some colleagues about personal branding and how it impacts teenagers.  Of course one area we covered was how the indiscretions of a young person could harm their career – a very important are to impress upon the teens and young adults in our lives.  As a mom, we definitely face the brave new frontier -- be it friend or foe. So there was no avoiding the mama-bear part of that conversation!

But I was amazed at how quickly we moved to the opportunities that being online offered.  For today and tomorrow, I want to focus on the first half of that conversation and offer you all a few tips to help you protect your kids from their own impulsiveness online.

After that, I’m going to focus on the flip side – the opportunity for young adults to brand themselves and stand out in the crowd.  Definitely tune in, and if you sign up for my newsletter in the top-right corner of my blog page, I’ll be sending a special report on December 20th, called “Online Branding for Teens.”

This report will have 3 specific areas that teens and young adults can focus on while online to showcase their gifts and unique value.  Why?  Because if they get it wrong, they could be branded for life – but if they get it right, they BUILD a brand for life.

Stay tuned and do sign up to get the special report – and tomorrow, tune in for 4 Quick Tips to Protecting Your Kids Future from their own Impulsiveness Mistakes Online

For a more complete view on this, feel free to visit top NY Headhunter, Catherine Palmiere’s blog, “Online Etiquette to PROTECT Your Career Opportunities,” which you can find at: Until next time, Libby Gill Branding Expert, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker

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