Two Top Strategies to 'Capture the Mindshare' so the Market Share Will Follow

Can you guess how many entries you get when you Google branding. More than 30 million. With 30 million separate entries, no wonder we all get so confused about branding. For today’s TGIF message, I want to demystify branding and give you a context for creating YOUR 'Capture the Mindshare' brand. Your 'Capture the Mindshare' brand starts with your unique value, delivered in your distinctive style. A brand sums up who you and what you offer. A unique, distinctive, value-rich brand delivers a message, confirms your credibility, connects emotionally, motivates the buyer, and creates consumer habits. Because you want to keep them coming back for more right? YES.

Your assignment right now is to think about the first two strategies for creating your unique brand. #1. Identify Your Unique Value, and #2. Stand out from the Herd.

What are you doing RIGHT NOW to meet those two strategies head on? Spend an hour on this and respond to those two points in writing – get your thoughts together.

I’ll be sharing some of my expertise here, of course – info that helped me to launch some very successful enterprises (like the Dr. Phil Show). BUT, if you are READY to claim your best success right now, however, participating in my upcoming branding course is a no-brainer. For less than the cost of a weekend away, you can reposition your business, your brand, and create a pathway your clients can EASILY follow to find you.

Here’s what will be covered:

* Brand Strategies to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge * Create a Compelling PR Profile * Harness the Power of Social Media (no kidding) * Leverage Your Brand for POWERFUL Partnerships

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To YOUR amazing life, Libby Gill, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Executive Coach Bestselling Author of: You Unstuck

PS: Stay in touch and feel free to comment with what YOU discover during your exercise here on my blog.