Why Too Much Routine is Bad for Business

Have you ever noticed that when you drive the same route everyday you barely notice your surroundings?  Or that your eye will skim right over a banner ad on a website without even registering the message?

This decreased response to repetitive stimuli is called “habituation.” It’s your brain’s way of separating essential from non-essential information, just another one of our instinctive survival mechanisms at work.  The good news is that if you have to react in an emergency, like a kid running out in front of your car, your brain will translate that as danger, prompting you to respond very quickly.  The bad news – for business owners anyway - is that if a routine is repeated too often, like that boring ad banner, your customers will simply tune it out as unimportant.

So you can see why it’s so important to try new things up from time to time, not only to keep your creative juices flowing but also to make sure that you find fresh ways to service your clients, customers and colleagues.  Why not shake things up by taking your home office to a coffee shop or sending your customers a video instead of an email?

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