3 Tips on Giving Recommendations to Build Your Brand.

Yesterday, I shared about asking for recommendations as a way to build revenue and client base.  Today I wanted to post about the flip side to that coin: Giving Recommendations.  Yes, giving recommendations can also build your client base. Why? Because it puts on you someone's radar in a big way. Here are my 3 tips on Giving Recommendations to Build Your Brand. #1.  Be specific! A general recommendation, such as, "Libby was great to work with, I know you'll love her." does not have anywhere near the power of, "Libby Gill is a consummate expert. The insights she gave me increased my website traffic by 15% and I already have two new clients."  I'm sure you can see what I mean pretty clearly!

#2.  Give exponentially! That doesn't mean to start passing out recommendations like candy at Halloween, in fact, see #3 for my message on not doing that.  Instead, by give exponentially, I mean to share your recommendation in several places.  Send it out to both parties by email, connecting them to one another easily -- then post it as a general testimonial on Linkedin or your other social networks.  If you're feeling really inspired, do it as a video testimonial as well and post it on Youtube.  You will have a huge brand advocate in the person you're recommending, and they will quite likely return the favor down the road.

#3.  Be careful! Like I said, this is not candy at Halloween. Your recommendation should be given out like gold.  When you say someone is amazing, they better be amazing, because you are literally putting yourself and your own brand on the line.  Don't let that deter you though -- the people you most enjoy working with are worth the effort and the risk.  But do be sparing with who -- and how -- you connect others.

Keep in mind what I offered yesterday also, if you're giving recommendations, it's likely you'll be getting them as well. So be sure to have your branding bricks solidly in place — #1 being your website.  The first thing a potential client is going to do when you’ve been recommended to them is go to your website, and if your branding is not solidly in place, that’s where the trail will end.

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Until next time, Libby Gill Brand Strategist, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker